This Term

P.7 Letter to Parents

Dear Parents /Carers,

As we begin this Third Term we would like to remind you of the routines, planned teaching and learning focuses and our expectations. Obviously if you have any further questions please come in and speak to me.

This Term has seen many activities. It also sees transition visits to feeder schools and the Rotary Quiz.

The children are getting excited about the prospect of their move to Secondary School and very often find themselves in the middle of changing attitudes, friendships and are growing up quickly at this age. Please be prepared for ‘Big fish in a little pond’ syndrome and lots of squabbles with friends!


Teaching and Learning Focuses for this Term

The Twentieth Century and WW11

‘Growing Our Own Germs – Microbes.



English Persuasive writing.


Information writing.

Discursive writing.

Creative story writing – The Big Write most Friday mornings.

Joined Handwriting.

Continue work on Grammar & punctuation.

Maths Whole Numbers.

Percentages and decimals.

Problem solving.



Handling data.

Science Science investigations.

Micro- organisms/biological systems.

Yeast/bread making.

P.E. Football

Creative Dance.

Indoor athletics/games.

Indoor Circuits.

ICT Continue work on Internet Safety.

Understanding the world through computational thinking.


R.M.E. Judaism and Easter story.

Anne Frank.

The Holocaust.

Friendships and how to treat one another.



Curriculum Learning Journey/ Topic – WW11

The causes, events and effects of WW11. Hopefully a visit to Torry Battery & The Gordon Highlanders Museum.


Mini topic – Health & Well-Being.


Mental and emotional well-being.


The effects of Smoking.



You can support your children at home by asking them about their learning at school and encouraging them to carry out further research at home. This can be done by visiting local libraries and using the internet to develop their interest in their learning.

A quick reminder about uniform and P.E. Kit requirements – School uniform should be worn to school. We ask that this PE kit remains in school all week in case of timetable changes. P.E. will be on a Monday and a Thursday.

Long hair needs to be tied back and all jewellery removed including earrings. The children need to be able to remove their own earrings or not wear them in PE.


The children will be in ability spelling groups. On a Monday morning they will be given their spellings to learn for the following Monday.

Class Rewards

The class will continue to collect their house points this term and next. Some of the children have requested this so they can obtain their Gold Certificate by the end of the year. But the class will also start to use class dojo. I will give you more information about this soon.

Reports and Parents Evening

Reports and Parents Evening will be given out/take place at the start of Term 4 in April. Please feel free to make contact before this time if you are concerned about anything.


Homework will be set on a Monday and returned on a Friday. Homework will consist of:  Literacy /Topic piece or Maths, Spelling practice, Tables practice and Reading 3 times a week to an adult.

If homework is not completed then the children will lose some of their Golden Time.

There is also an optional homework list, given out once a term which has a list of extra homework activities to complete if you require extra work.

Thank you

Ms T Jones














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