Separated Families


At Kittybrewster School we recognise that each family situation is unique and that some parents may be divorced or separated. To this end, both parents have the right to be informed of and involved in their child’s educational progress.

It can be a stressful and difficult time for all involved, particularly the children, when parents separate. Our aim is to work with all parties to promote positive family involvement. This policy states clearly the expectation from separated parents and carers along with the school and its staff.

The school would appreciate being notified as soon as possible to any changes in family circumstances. We require up to date contact details, arrangements for collecting children and for emergencies.

When your child enrolled with the school, information was provided on the application form regarding who had parental responsibility for your child. We shall presume this information is correct and unchanged unless a court order or original birth certificate is shown proving otherwise to the school.

All diary dates, Newsletters and Head Teacher communications are available on the school website, Twitter account and sent via Groupcall text. It should also be noted that Groupcall can only record one parent contact as the main contact who will receive messages. The Groupcall will default to the parent the child resides with. On occasion paper letters will be sent home with pupils and we expect parents to communicate these messages to each other as and when appropriate.

It is hoped that both parents can jointly attend parent evening appointments as time is short, however if the situation cannot allow for this, arrangements will be made for separate appointments with the class teacher.

Both parents are entitled to receive progress reports and the report shall be sent home to the parent with whom the child resides with the expectation that he/she will share the report with the other parent. The school will email copies of progress reports to the non-residential parent if a written request is submitted to the Head Teacher.

We shall make every attempt to accommodate the non-residential parent in terms of keeping them updated on general information regarding school activities, however it should be appreciated that on account of the vast amount of information handling by a school, we are reliant on parents keeping lines of communication open and it has to be accepted that on occasion letters may not reach the other parent.

Both parents are legally entitled to collect their child from school unless a court order is produced that states otherwise. In all instances the school will be mindful of its safeguarding responsibilities and may use its discretion to elect not to send a child home with a particular parent.

We act in the best interests of the child and respectfully remind parents that we are here primarily to support and oversee the welfare of the child/children and shall not at any time assume the role of mediator between parents.

Mrs M Clark
Head Teacher (Acting)

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