Nurture (Rainbow Room)

What Happens in Nurture?

The Nurture Room is designed to provide a “Safe Base” for the children who attend.  The Nurture is intended to feel more homely than a typical classroom setting; it should include a Living room area, kitchen, role-play, quiet, work and general areas.

Planning for Nurture

When planning for each week in our Rainbow Room, we think about the structure of the session.  Our planning is closely linked to Boxall Profiles, IEP’s and the individual targets for each child.  We also try to plan for Nature/Nurture by taking the children outdoors once per week. This gives us the opportunity to discuss safety when playing outdoors, road safety and the happenings in nature.

Working with Parents

We provide one session per week to work with parents.  This can involve us modelling positive praise and interactions with their child, an opportunity for the parent and child to play together and for the parents to discuss any concerns/issues which they may be having.

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