Medical Matters

First Aid

First Aid will be administered by one of our qualified members of staff.  Supplies are kept in school for dealing with minor injuries that may occur.  For more serious injuries, accidents or suspected illness, professional medical help will be sought quickly and parents/carers informed.

Primary One Screening

At some point during their first year, all Primary one children will undergo routine medical screening from NHS Grampian.  Where the school doctor feels that further treatment or investigation is warranted, a note will be sent to the family GP.

Health Inspections

The Authority arranges for regular medical and dental audio metric inspections to be carried out in School.In addition to which, annual flu vaccinations are offered providing parental consent has been given.  We make every effort to notify parents/carers to the timing of all medical/dental activities being carried out

Medication in School

Any prescribed medication which your child needs to take on a long-term basis should be handed in to the school office and a medication form should be completed.  Staff will administer the medication during the school day per the prescribed recommendations.

We appreciate children may need to take short courses of antibiotics on occasion.  If the doses are evenly distributed during the day, it removes the requirement for us to have short course medication in school as we do not have a large team of Pupil Support Assistants.   If there is no alternative, we may carry out short term medication at the discretion of the Head Teacher.  Parents wishing to give pupils antibiotics are welcome to come into school and administer the medication themselves.

We also advise parents that we will not retain any pain medication in school such as Calpol.  Again, parents can visit school to administer doses to their child as required.

Please make sure your child does not bring any medication to school and that the office or your child’s teacher is made fully aware of any requirements.

Episodes of Gastric Upset

In order to minimise the risk of infection, parents are advised to ensure that their child remains at home for a period of 48 hours following the last episode of any gastric upset.

Medication in School Policy

Administration of Medication


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