School Uniform

A standard form of school dress can help promote a sense of identity and belonging, which is why we recommend that all pupils wear school uniform.  We hope parents will support us in this view especially on occasions when the children will represent the school at special activities e.g. concerts, music festivals etc.

The recommended school dress is dark grey trousers/skirt with a white or light blue polo shirt/blouse.

  • Our branded school uniform (Royal Blue Sweatshirt) can be purchased from THE DUGOUT who have premises at the top of George Street.  Please call (01224) 641071.  Order forms can be obtained from the school office.  Please note, parents should place orders directly with The Dug Out and that we do not retain supplies of uniform in school.  Our P7 pupils have a Black school sweatshirt to distinguish them as senior pupils.

P.E. Kit/Jewellery
For P.E. we would suggest simply shorts or jogging trousers, T-shirt and gym shoes or light trainers. In the interest of safety, jewellery, including earrings, should not be worn during P.E. lessons. Children unable to take out earrings by themselves should bring plasters, micro-pore tape etc with them on gym days so that their earrings can be taped over. Please note that nose studs etc will not be allowed in school.

  • We would recommend that parents provide an overall for art and craft work. An old shirt would be ideal.
  • Parents are strongly advised to write names or sew name labels on children’s clothing.

Parents in receipt of certain benefits including Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance and Housing/Council Tax Benefit can apply for assistance with the purchase of essential clothing and footwear for their children. Application forms are available from the school office.

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