School Aims


At Kittybrewster School we endorse the shared vision and common goal from the

“Curriculum for Excellence” (Health and Wellbeing across Learning)

Respected, Nurtured, Active, Responsible, Included, Safe, Healthy, Achieving

These aims were developed after consultation with Pupils, Parents and Staff.


  • Provide a balanced, challenging and enjoyable curriculum, which meets the needs of all children, developing skills and interests, with support, celebration and encouragement in achievement
  • Our staff team will provide appropriate experiences and activities within the ethos of a curriculum for excellence, embracing its values, commitment to innovative learning styles, outcomes and the four capacities
  • Help all staff achieve their best through development opportunities, self- evaluation and regular monitoring
  • Create a welcoming and secure environment, with an atmosphere promoting self-esteem, confidence and a positive attitude, where all are valued, included and respected
  • Provide support for all families, utilising the expertise of a professional staff supported by a wide range of relevant authority and community agencies
  • To protect pupils from abuse, neglect or harm at home, school or in the community
  • Work in partnership with parents, involving them in their child’s learning and develop meaningful links with the wider community through business partnership, events and shared responsibility
  • Communicate effectively with, and report regularly to, all parents and carers, with sound judgements based on a variety of appropriate assessment and observation.



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