School Aims

Kittybrewster School Aims
Will enable all children to become
*Successful learners  *Confident individuals  *Responsible citizens *Effective contributors

It is our aim to provide for all pupils, parents and teachers:
A curriculum which
· Is structured to provide challenging programmes of study according to national and local guidelines
· Has breadth, balance and choice to nurture each pupils full potential
Attainment which
· Provides a programme of learning which ensures all pupils succeed at the highest possible level for their own ability
· Takes account of all available progress indicators
Learning and teaching which
· Builds on pupil’s knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes through creative , active and interactive learning opportunities
· Encourages independent learning through pupil’s use of clear learning targets enabling progression through evaluation
· Records and reports clear information on all aspects of performance to parents and pupils
Support for pupils which
· Ensures care, welfare and protection for all pupils, emotionally, physically and socially
· Develops responsibility for own learning and behaviour
· Provide structured and effective support for learning and work collaboratively with all relevant agencies to implement Additional Support Needs Procedures
An ethos which
· Promotes a high standard of behaviour and an ethos of self respect, respect for others and equal opportunities for all
· Creates an open and positive learning environment
· Fosters pride and identity in our school· Encourages parents as active partners
Resources which

· Ensure progress in learning
· Provide all staff with developmental opportunities which meet their needs and help staff to further their develop their knowledge, skills and expertise
· Deploy staff effectively and utilise the expertise available within the school and local community
Management, Leadership and Quality Assurance which
· Ensures clear policy making procedures
· Supports the quality of teaching by constructive and evaluative monitoring
· Recognises, values and develops the skills of individuals through a collegiate

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